ACD - Extruded Aluminum Hat Channel Frame Damper with motor

The Model ACD is a Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum motorized damper with a hat channel frame. It can be used for exhaust or supply applications and can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position. The damper comes standard with TPV blade seals, stainless steel jamb seals, and an internally mounted 120/240 volt single phase motor with an end switch.

Standard Construction:
Frame: 5" deep x 1" x .100 thick Extruded Aluminum Hat Channel.
Blades: .080 thick Extruded Aluminum, 7" maximum width, center pivoted to allow full 90 degree opening. Parallel Blade Action.
Seals: Extruded TPV Blade and Stainless Steel Jamb Seals.
Tie Rod: On-Blade Type.
Bushings: Nylon.
Motor: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz - Internally mounted.
Finish: Mill

Minimum: 8" W x 8" H
Maximum Single Section Size: 48" W x 60" H

Performance Criteria:
3500 FPM Maximum Velocity.
4" wg Maximum Pressure.
122 degree Maximum Temperature.

Custom Sizes.
Optional Motors.



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Wednesday, 03 June 2015
ACD - Front View
ACD - Back View