DFL - Extruded Aluminum - 4" deep channel frame - Drainable Blades

The Model DFL is a heavy duty Extruded Aluminum Drainable Fixed Blade Louver. It is designed to protect the air intake or exhaust openings in the exterior walls of any building from rain and weather while still providing efficient airflow. The Drainable Blade design provides the BEST PROTECTION against water entering the opening by channeling water away from the blades and down the jambs. This eliminates water cascading from blade to blade. The Aluminum finish is ready for you to paint in the field or leave as mill finish.

Performance (Tested in accordance to AMCA Standard 500):
Water penetration: Beginning point at .01 oz./sq. ft. is 1031 FPM.
Free area: 8.37 sq. ft. for a 48" x 48" test size.
Pressure drop: see Submittal Dwg.

Standard Construction:
Frame: 4" deep channel x .080 thick Extruded Aluminum.
Blades: Drainable style, .080 thick Extruded Aluminum, 45 degrees.
Construction: Screwed.
Birdscreen: 1/2" flattened Aluminum mounted on interior.
Finish: Mill

Minimum: 12" W x 12" H
Maximum Single Section: 60" W x 96" H
Sizes over 60" Wide and 96" High constructed in multiple sections.

1-1/2" Flanged Frame.



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Wednesday, 03 June 2015
DFL - Side View
DFL - Side View